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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is cold brew?
Simply put, cold brew is coffee grounds steeped in room temperature (or cold) water for an extended amount of time - typically between 12-24 hours. Because no heat is involved in this process, it allows the solubles in coffee to dissolve fully, resulting in lower acidity, sweeter taste, smoother to consume, and typically little to no bitter taste.

2. How do I manage (cancel) my subscription?
You can modify, skip a month, or cancel your subscription anytime. Simply log-in to your account and make the changes you want.

3. How do you make Charlie Royal Cold Brew?
Step 1: Drop one brew bag into a pitcher/ or container of your choice (preferably with a lid)

Step 2: Add 3 cups of filtered water and close the lid tightly

Step 3: Steep coffee at room temperature for 16-24 hrs

Step 4: Remove the bag in the brew gently. Add three more cups of water

Step 5: Enjoy in a tall glass filled with ice. Or skip the ice for a bolder taste.

4. What happens if you leave the brew bag in for over 24 hours?

Cold brew coffee is typically steeped for 12-24 hours. Typically, the longer you steep, the bolder the flavor, but don't go overboard; otherwise, you risk getting a bitter taste. Try some different steep times until you find that sweet spot that matches your flavor profile perfectly.

5. What is the difference between cold brew and iced coffee?

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee is that iced coffee is brewed with hot water and then poured over ice, while cold brew is brewed with cold water and steeped over time.

6. Is cold brew less acidic than regular hot coffee?

Yes, cold brew is up to 67% less acidic than regular hot coffee.

7. How many ounces of cold brew do you get per bag? (3 pouches)

You can brew up to 144 oz of cold brew per bag.

8. Can you compost the used coffee pouch?

You can compost the used grinds, but not with the pouch, and you need to open the bag and remove the used coffee grinds.

9. Can I sign up for auto-renew?

Yes, you can sign up to get cold brew delivered every month. You can sign up for a subscription the next time your order. Chose to receive you order every 15 days or once a month.  You can cancel anytime by logging into your account.