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Cold Brew Starter Kit - Get The Royal Treatment

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Everything you need to make cold brew iced coffee at home

Yes, you too can craft rich, silky craft cold brew coffee anytime you want! To get you started, Charlie put together this kit with the tools and coffees you need to make the easiest DIY cold brew coffee imaginable.

With this kit, you receive Charlie’s favorite brewing “pitcher” - a 64oz jar with a leak-proof pour-spout lid for easy serving. 

Charlie also adds one 3-pack of ready-to-use travel-ready cold brew bags. Each contains the perfect amount of coarse-ground coffee to fill the pitcher. For a batch of cold brew, you just add a bag to the pitcher, steep as Charlie recommends, and remove the bag when the cold brew is ready.

Comes With:

  • (1) 64oz Store & Pour Cold Brew Pitcher
  • (1) Royal Roast - 3 Cold Brew Bags

The result is delicious cold brew with no measuring and no cleanup!