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64oz Glass Cold Brew Pitcher with Flip Lid

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Want to make cold brew coffee yourself? Charlie makes it easy, all you need is our cold brew coffee pitcher, some coffee, and a bit of time. Our Charlie Royal 64oz coffee pitchers have a classic wide-mouth glass Mason jar with our flip cap lid. This provides a store & pour solution that allows you to brew your cold brew coffee and then pop the top when you are ready to pour it. Everything is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Do it yourself cold brew is easy. Give it a try with Charlie Royal cold brew coffee pouches, and our cold brew coffee pitchers.

EASY TO USE: Simply drop in a cold brew coffee filter pouch, steep overnight, and enjoy.

EASY TO CLEAN: This is all dishwasher safe, plus the wide mouth opening makes it easy to clean.

PERFECT SIZE: Large 64 ounce (half-gallon) capacity

LEAK PROOF POUR & STORE LID: Our unique leak-proof lid has a built-in pour spout. You can store & pour your cold brew coffee with 1 lid.

TRUSTED AND DURABLE GLASS: Made from real Ball brand wide mouth mason jars. The glass is made in the USA and is BPA-free.

STORE & POUR ANYTHING: Store and pour This is made for brewing cold brew coffee, but can be used for many things, like tea, coffee beans, candy, and more.