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NEW FLAVOR - Coffee Crumb Cake -

May 04, 2022 1 min read

NEW FLAVOR - Coffee Crumb Cake -

Today we get to launch a NEW limited edition flavor! The response has been overwhelming to our first limited edition flavor Pecan Praline and we are very excited to announce our newest limited edition flavor...


This flavor is VERY LIMITED and not available on subscription right now. One of Charlie’s favorite treats is a nice big piece of crumb cake. That same flavor is now available in coffee form in both our cold brew bags & our 12oz bags (whole bean or ground). Crumb cake coffee is a fun, delicious drink that tastes incredible no matter how you like to have your coffee in the morning (or at night, whatever you’re into).

A rich, full-flavored brew. Each sip is like a bite of crumb cake, followed by the perfect cup of coffee. What’s not to like about that?

The Charlie Royal flavor family is growing & will continue to grow with more new, fun flavors to make drinking coffee that much more exciting. Because... who likes boring coffee? Charlie definitely does not.

Coffee Crumb Cake is AVAILABLE NOW, but only for a limited time.

Go pick some up before it's gone..

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