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The easiest way to make cold brew coffee

September 28, 2022 2 min read

The easiest way to make cold brew coffee

Love cold brew coffee, but hate making it?

You can make cold brew coffee several different ways. Most methods involve grinding and measuring coffee beans followed by a ton of cleanup. At Charlie Royal we say throw away those dirty hard to clean steel filters and stained cotton bags. Stop buying single use capsules and concentrated sludge. You no longer need measuring devices, strainers, cheese cloth or a fresh press in order to make your cold brew coffee.

Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to make Charlie Royal cold brew.

Charlie Royal cold brew is different, it's easy with virtually no cleanup!

With Charlie Royal cold brew bags, you simply drop a filter bag into water and let it brew. Then just remove the bag after 12-18 hours and enjoy your cold brew coffee. Our unique pre-measured filter bags are where the magic comes from. We use a special coffee shop grade filter bag that we fill with fresh roasted coffee and then heat seal. This keeps the coffee in the bag and prevents that dreaded cold brew mud that you get on the bottom with other methods of brewing. 

Easy Cold Brew Coffee

How does Charlie Royal cold brew coffee taste?

Our flagship Royal Roast blend is made from ethically sourced, direct trade coffee from Guatemalan and Brazil. This is a medium roast coffee that is smooth & sweet with a hint of chocolate notes.

How much cold brew coffee does it make?

Charlie Royal cold brew packs come with 3 ready to use 9oz filter bags. Each 9oz filter bag will make 6-8 cups of cold brew. 6 cups if you like the really strong, and 8 cups if you like it a little more mello. So each bag that you purchase will make 18-24 cups. You are in full control of how long you steep the cold brew and how much water you like to add. Don't worry, it's easy and we trust you. 

Can you compost the cold brew coffee?

Yes, you can compost the coffee grounds or sprinkle them in your garden. Just cut open the bag and dump out the coffee grounds.